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Carrie Hobbs (Dorr)

7th Grade Math Teacher
Algebra 1 Teacher

I am SO very proud to be a teacher at Lincoln Middle School.  The students, families, and staff are so kind to one another.  They teach me to be kind to anyone I meet, because none of us know everyone's story.  They remind me that mistakes are apart of everyday life, so get up and try again and again.

My parents, brother, sister in law, niece and nephew are my strength.  Growing up in the Pacific Northwest (and yes, a Seattle Seahawk fan), I became a huge lover of water: the rushing river, a babbling brook, the calmness of a mirrored lake, the soothing ocean, and the pitter patter of rain makes my heart sing.

I enjoy camping and being out in the great outdoors.  The smell of the thick woods with beds of wild flowers, sleeping under the stars, the hummingbirds buzzing and not falling out of a hammock, always makes me smile.

I look forward to meeting you.  If I've already met you, then please stay in touch and keep joy in your life!

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