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Mr. Abrahamson

6th Grade Counselor
WEB Leader Advisor

Hi, I am the one they call Mr. A, the 6th grade counselor here at Lincoln!  I absolutely love helping 6th graders with anything they need help with - anything from a pencil or a snack or tougher problems, such as conflicts with friends or things going on at home.  Whatever the case, I am happy to help!  I'm from Loveland and have worked at Lincoln for 10 years.  I have a wife of 25 years who is also a teacher, a son and a daughter.  I love to be outside - kayaking, fishing, biking, tennis, golf, camping, you name it, if it's outside, I probably do it. 

I am here to help 6th graders transition and adjust to life in middle school, which is very different than elementary school.  In an ever changing world, kids at this age also have to deal with their own changes, and that can be uncomfortable.  But I always assure them that, with some helpful strategies, they can overcome any challenge that comes their way.   I have two beliefs - one is, for every problem there's a solution.  And (2) challenges are nothing more than opportunities - to grow, to become stronger, smarter and more equipped to survive (and hopefully one day thrive) in this crazy world.  

Please contact me anytime if you have any concerns about your student that you aren't sure how to navigate.  I'm here not only for the kids, but to help parents as well!  

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