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Health & Wellness

Lincoln Health Office

Lincoln’s Health Office strives to provide and coordinate a healthy and safe environment for your student. The Health Technician is available within the building all day as well as other well-trained staff in the front office who are ready to provide for your student’s health needs. The School Nurse is in and out of the building throughout the week and always available by cell phone for consultation and emergency needs.

Lincoln’s health tech, Clara Moreno, is available daily from 7:00am-3:30pm. Our school nurse is Dana Koenig.  If your child is ill, please do not send him/her to the health office to be diagnosed or treated.  Please keep your child home if (s)he is not feeling well.

Health and Wellness Center

We are also fortunate to be the home of a Health and Wellness Center here at Lincoln.  The Health and Wellness Center is a satellite clinic of Every Child Pediatrics based in Denver and is operated under their administration.  The Health and Wellness Center is generally open Monday through Thursday and allows easy access for students to receive basic health care services minimizing time out of class. Staffing resources include a physician assistant, mental health therapists, and medical assistants.