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Student Council

See the Links and Resources on the left for the 2021 Student Council Application.  Applications are due April 30 at 3:00pm.


Student Council is a unique, cohesive group of students who care about others and genuinely want to have an important leadership role in their school. In Student Council, one is responsible for working with both the staff and administration of Lincoln Middle School. Please read the information below for a basic understanding of Student Council member activities:

  •  Prepare and work at school dances and activities
  •  Develop and implement fundraisers
  •  Support StuCo committees to help raise school spirit

Responsibilities for Student Council members:

  •  Participate in all Student Council activities.
  •  Be available to come in before/after school at times for Student Council activities.

The following are guidelines for acceptance in Student Council:

  •  Maintain good grades in all classes (5 or better)
  •  Display leadership qualities. This means following and showing the ATLs, and no problem solving sheets or major office referrals.
  •  The ability to work with others.
  •  Possess the desire to make Lincoln Middle School a better place!