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6th Grade WEB 2.0 Computers

Welcome to middle school!   Our class theme is All About Me since we will explore personal computing skills.  During our time, we will use a mix of online and offline software to create real-life projects while developing foundational computer science skills.  We will develop a foundation for positive digital citizenship and online safety, create 3-D designs, use Google products to understand data and research, explore animation sprites,  I am excited to have you in class this semester and I hope you will teach me a few tricks!  All of the software and web resources that we utilize in this class are free and available to download on your home computer if you wish to explore them further.  Students are encouraged to collaborate and problem-solve with each other in the classroom.  


7th Grade Graphic Design and Media

Welcome to 7th Grade Computers.   Our class is centered around the theme Fact or Fiction while we focus on graphic design skills and the media.  These days you are probably experiencing communication from society in a variety of ways, whether you want it or not.  It might be Tik-Tok, Snapchat,  CNN10, news feeds on your phone or school laptops, emails, or perhaps through your favorite video game.  The list could go on.  This course will help you develop skills to be able to RECOGNIZE or at least trigger questions to help guide through what you are reading is accurate or fake news.    We will start with how your digital activity will impact your life today, tomorrow, and many years from now.  Want to know a little secret?   Nothing goes away on the Internet even if it has been deleted! So we are going to grow our digital skills and create Infographics to teach others the implications for our online choices.   We will have fun learning a photo editing software program either Pixlr or Photoshop to create Fake News articles.    These stories are the best.  Finally, we will explore coding video games or stores.  These could be real or fake...hense our class theme!  If time permits, we might dabble in a little vlogging to expand our media skills!

8th Grade Computers

Welcome to 8th Grade Computers!  Our theme for the semester will be Impacting the World.  We will explore technology using a global mindset.   Class will focus on using HTML coding to create websites that will be publicly published through code.org.  I look forward to seeing your passions hit the world wide web.  We will take our coding knowledge and create phone apps to publish, and then we will program devices to use in a variety of ways.  Very similar to the features on your cell phones.    Oh, did I mention we will connect with another technology class around the world to broaden our lens?  We can thank Microsoft to get us connected.   


Computer Club

Please use the following link to sign up for Computer Club with Mrs. Newhouse:


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