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World Language

Spanish Acquisition

In Spanish Acquisition, students who are new to Spanish or are early in their language learning journey will learn the basics of the language through use of Comprehensible Input or CI. CI will focus less on grammatical concepts and textbooks and more on developing proficiency through culture, class novels, and repetitions of a smaller amount of vocabulary using fun and comprehensible activities. 

Note: 8th Grade Spanish does receive high school credit, and successful completion of Spanish 1 will allow students to start in Spanish 2 during their Freshman year. 

Amanda Hallett, Teacher

Sarah Fonte, Teacher

Spanish Literacy 

In Spanish Literacy (Lecto-escritura en espaƱol), students who already have proficiency in Spanish will continue to develop and advance their Spanish reading and writing skills and academic dialogue though the study of Latinx people, places, literature and cultures.  8th grade Lecto-escritura counts for high school language credit.

Sarah Fonte, Teacher. 

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