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Winter Sports

Physicals needed for regular season.
Please see the Winter Athletics Announcement in the Important Documents section on the left side of the page. 

To participate in Lincoln sports, you must turn in a hard copy of your current physical from your doctor’s office. A physical is only good for 364 days. Lincoln now offers physicals at Lincoln! The Health and Wellness Center at Lincoln Middle School offers sports physicals/annual exams, sick visits, mental health services year-round. There is a $0-$35 sliding scale for qualifying families, & they accept Medicaid/ CHP+ and most insurance plans. No co-pays/deductibles are required. Physicals must be scheduled, so call (970) 488-4950 now!

Boy's Basketball

Season starts Monday, October 25, 2021. This is sport for 7th and 8th Graders. Physicals are needed for regular season. You don't need a physical to participate in Open Gym Pre-season Camp. Pre-season camps runs Tuesday, October 12 and 14 and October 19-22 from 3-4:30pm in Lincoln's main gym. 

7th Grade Head Coach-Frank Martinez.  Email: frankm@psdschools.org
8th Grade Head Coach-Kameron Brandon. Email: kameronb@psdschools.org

Girl's Basketball

7th Grade Head Coach-Zach Berger. Email: zberger@psdschools.org
8th Grade Head Coach-Rich Wilson. Email: richardw@psdschools.org

Season starts January 25, 2022
Tryouts start Monday, Jan. 10 – 1a practica es Jan. 10. ¡Juega con los entrenadores Wilson y Berger! Come ready to ball with Coach Wilson and Berger!


Head Coach- Gilbert Barazza.  Email: gbarazza@psdschools.org

Season starts January 18, 2022

For: 7th and 8th graders – this is a no cut sport. Physical signed by doctor, registration and payment or F/R waiver required for regular season. Los estudiantes de 7 ° y 8 ° grado pueden participar. 

Open gym & pre-season camp dates: Jan. 4-7 & 10-14 every day from 3:10-5 @ Lincoln’s small gym (no physical needed for these dates).  Practice starts Monday, Jan. 18 – 1a practica es Jan. 18. ¡Juega con los entrenador Barraza! Come hit the mat with Coach Barraza!