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PTO encourages all parents to participate in this Lincoln community

The Lincoln Middle School PTO represents the parents and teachers within the school. The PTO is dedicated to improving communication between the school and parents, helping to raise funds for the school, helping to coordinate volunteers within the school, representing the school to the wider community and supporting our students in all areas of their education. 

Please consider joining the team to help Lincoln Staff & Students. 

Reach out to Sylvia Martinez via lincolnlancersPTO@gmail.com.

If you shop at King Soopers, consider adding Lincoln Middle PTO to your Community Rewards section. A percentage of your sales will go to Lincoln PTO at no extra cost to you or your family members. Share this with aunts, uncles, grandparents. Anyone can sign up.  Scan the QR code and get signed up today.  Instructions are listed in the Documents  section on left of this page.

You can also go to this link:


King Soopers Community Rewards QR code to sign up to support Lincoln Middle School
King Soopers





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