Grading and Assessment

Grading & Assessment


  • There are eight subject groups in the MYP: Arts, Design, Individuals & Societies, Language Acquisition, Language & Literature, Mathematics, Physical & Health Education, and Sciences. 
  • Each subject group has its own mandated criteria that are public, precise, and should be known to students and parents in advance.
  • Each criteria has descriptors to identify  students’ achievement levels against established assessment criteria.  
  • Criteria are assessed on a 0-8 scale:
IB MYP Performance Level Descriptors
0 did not meet any of the descriptors below.
1-2 I showed little understanding of the subject specific objectives.
3-4 I showed average understanding of the subject specific objectives
5-6 I showed proficient understanding of the subject specific objectives
7-8 I showed excellent understanding (above and beyond) of the subject