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Ms. Stephanie Newhouse

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Originally from Michigan, I spent my 20's in Tempe Arizona.  It was there I found my love with the arts.  I was a visual artist for several years making ceramic sculpture and public artworks.  My collections could be found in museums and contracted galleries around the USA.  While I was deeply connected to the art world, something was missing.  I took a part time artist in residence position at a performing arts K-8 school for fun and I realized there was something special about working with children.  After a few hard decisions, I went back to school and eventually moved to Colorado to teach ELD and art.  The desert wasn't for me and I enjoy all the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer.  I play competitive sports and continue to create artworks when I am not teaching. 

Educational Background: 

1995 Dowagiac Union High School College Prep. 2000 Arizona State University Bachelors of Art: Ceramics 2002 University of Phoenix Secondary Education 2004 University of Phoenix Masters of Curriculum and Instruction 2006 University of Phoenix: ELD 2007 Maricopa Community Colleges: Instructional Technology 2009 University of Phoenix: Educational  Leadership

Why I enjoy teaching: 

 I enjoy working with students and families that need an advocate for equitable access to education.  I grew up on the largest full production fruit farm in the mid-west and lived with 100 migrant families that traveled between Florida citrus farms and our Michigan apple farm.  My parents worked very hard to ensure our families had a voice with the schools and quality programs were made available during the summer months.  It is my honor to help those who do not understand how to navigate through the educational system to become successful and productive community members.

Favorite Books: 

Anything that is informational.  I love learning new things that I can use in life.

Interest & Hobbies: 

Sports, Sports, and more Sports.  I have a sport problem.  Anybody wanna play?

What I like most about my school: 

I love Lincoln because we have a diverse population of students.  Students come from all over the world and United States.  We are creating a culture of appreciation for diversity within our future generations.

Favorite Quote: 

Uh, the Lincoln Chant of course.   We are proud of you, say we are proud of you...clap clap!

My Classroom
Courses Taught: 

Over the 18 years I have taught college master classes in art, technology, ELD, teaching, and writing.  I have taught K-12 and alternative education in art, technology, ELD, home economics, business and finance,  world humanities, 9th grade English, newcomer program, and AVID.   

About My Classroom: 

While students learn about technology, I am really teaching life skills, success in careers, and tools needed for college. Let's face it any software they learn won't be around when they are my age!