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124 Boys and Girls Club
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I grew up in cold and snowy, Syracuse, New York   I got married to my husband, Keith, on Friday, the 13th of 1987 during a full moon.  So far, it has been a lucky day for me!  My husband and I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 1987 and lived there for 23 years.  While in Georgia, I worked in the insurance industry for twenty years.  I held many positions including supervisor, business analyst, compliance specialist and customer service representative.  I used to commute in the Atlanta traffic and don't miss that one bit!   I loved my career in insurance but always felt like I wasn't making a difference.  In 2004, I decided to leave the corporate world and go back to school to become a certified special education teacher.   My husband and I were ready for a change after 23 years in Georgia and our son just happened to be stationed in Colorado.  We came out to visit our son one time and then basically packed our bags in 2011 and headed west. My husband and I have three children, a son and two daughters.  My son is is a student at CSU and my oldest daughter is in the Air Force stationed in South Korea.  My family was able to make a trip overseas to visit her for three weeks in the summer of 2016.  My youngest daughter graduated high school and is enrolled at IBMC in their Cosmetology Program. I help my husband with his business, The Little Coupon Book.  You have probably seen the books around town.  In the summer, I shuttle him around so he can deliver the books to over 1400 businesses.  I also keep all the books for his business, so that keeps me busy.  When I'm not helping my husband or doing school work,  I enjoy hanging out with my family, playing board games, camping, traveling, and reading.  My husband plans all our trips and always has one in the making.  I told him he should have been a travel consultant.  He has a knack for finding the most interesting places and plans the complete itinerary, consulting me of course.  We have been to several countries in Europe, Hawaii, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico, and all of the eastern states multiple times.  

Educational Background: 

I received my Bachelors Degree in Accounting from LeMoyne College in Syracuse, New York.  I went to the University of Georgia and obtained my teaching certification in special education.  In 2014, I received my Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on reading.  I have been teaching at Lincoln since 2011. 

Why I enjoy teaching: 

There were so many teachers that made a difference in my life while I was growing up.  I wouldn't be where I am today, without that support from those few key teachers that took and interest in me and spoke words of encouragement to me.  It is my goal, as a teacher, to be an encouragement to everyone that I teach or come into contact with at school.  I love helping students, especially those that struggle with reading.  I firmly believe that all students can learn to read and it is my mission to help those who struggle with this skill. 

Favorite Books: 

I love to read and always have a couple of books on my bedside table going at all times.  I never tire of going to a library or a book store.  I could literally spend hours in these places just perusing through all different types of books.  Biographies are probably my favorite book genre to read.