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Hello!  My name is Mrs. Angie Dowdy and it’s nice to meet you!, I am the 8th grade school counselor.  I grew up in Sonoma County, CA in both Sebastopol and Santa Rosa.  I have two sisters who are ten and eleven years older than I, so I am really more of a single child.  Others describe that as the "baby."  From age 12 on, I grew up living only with my mom.  In my high school years, my mother and I weren't the best of friends until after my second month of college in San Diego when I returned 14 hours home to visit her as a new, appreciative person.  (I was the first in my family to go to and graduate from a 4-year college.)  I have both a step-brother from my father's second marriage whom I adore, now.  What is it about those teen-age years that I hated as a teenager?) I am a big fan of each of my parents- lovingly now called, Nana, Tata and Grandmimi. After what seemed an eternity, I finished college, moved out to Colorado following my mother, purchased a home with her and promptly met my mate for life.  Glenn and I married in 2001 and have an adorable family of our own.  Living with two male animals and three boys—a 12-year-old, a 15-year old and a 55-year old—all of my middle school dreams have come true!  I'm surrounded by boys who love me!  (Well, the teenager and the 4-leggeds do get a little snarky if I don't feed them in time...)

Educational Background: 

I earned my Masters of Education at Colorado State University and completed my Bachelors and teaching certifications at San Diego State University.  I completed my School Counselor's (and Principal’s License) many a year ago and am happy to be exactly where I am!  I love serving students in this capacity. Except in high school and college when I worked in summer camps, food shops or as a lifeguard/swim instructor, I have always been in the field of education.  Since my dad was a Spanish-speaker from birth, he thought it was a quite popular and useful tool to have in my repertoire.  I first took Spanish in a private day-care.   The only things I remember are seeing the word "nube(cloud)" on the window as well as other words posted around a room and sticking my tongue out and back-"rasberrying" my dad when he spoke Spanish to me because I couldn't understand a word.  Later, after years of studying Spanish in junior high and high school and after not being able to get beyond “me gusta bailar, beber chocolate, jugar baloncesto y estar con amigos,” I moved to Mexico City for a year to learn the language and culture.  Within two months, it all cemented together because I had to practice!  Now I get to help students figure out how to practice their Spanish and overcome the fear of making mistakes so they can be successful earlier than I was!

Why I enjoy teaching: 

In 1995, I started out teaching bilingual 5th grade in Chula Vista, CA and later moved to Fort Collins where I commuted to teach 3rd grade in Longmont, CO.  However, although I enjoyed teaching in the elementary setting, after being “petted” daily by students during read-aloud time, I decided to move up to work with older, more sophisticated students who wouldn't’t pet my leg if I paid them to!  Prior to working at Lincoln as a school counselor, I taught Spanish for 8 years at another Fort Collins middle school.  The idiosyncrasies of middle schoolers, who assert themselves in team-building activities in cross-grade-level partnerships one day and come tearfully, depressed claiming they're "bullied" by their best friend the next and need help resolving conflict are what inspire me to come back again. Although my title is that of a School Counselor, I work from the perspective of a teacher.  My years of different experiences and perspectives allow me to help students learn to become problem-solvers.  Why did I switch?  Some of my favorite conversations with students as a teacher were those that dealt with a student’s life outside of my classroom.  Also, I remember how my own junior high counselor helped me make new friends and gave me tools to adjust to a new town after my parent’s divorce when I was a 6th grader.  Along with my parents, she tried to help me make good choices regarding classes to take.  Like students today, I recall being annoyed and embarrassed by my own parents who wanted me to get good grades, take all the “nerdy” classes and stay out of trouble.  Now, I realize how important grammar really is! Oh, how I wish I had taken those classes in computer programming!  And, why did I test the limits of my parents’ boundaries thinking they hadn’t a clue all the fabrications I created I didn't plan on never graduating from middle school in all of my 24 years + of education but it's my favorite paid job so far and you'll have to have a big-winning lottery ticket to get me to graduate! 

Favorite Books: 

Life can be really tough when you take home the issues that some students bring...  For that reason, dare I admit to enjoying reading juvenile and Young Adult literature?  I relish reading time-travel books, Newbery Award-winners, the Harry Potter series and Madeline L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time.  Please feel free to share with me your favorites because I'm always open to something new!

Interest & Hobbies: 

Please introduce yourself if you see me around town.  Outside of school, I enjoy sewing, skiing, knitting, working out at the gym, mountain biking, reading, playing board/card games and being active, outdoors with my clan. 

What I like most about my school: 

Eagerly, I jumped at the opportunity when offered a position at Lincoln in 2006 and I am a Lancer true and true.  I am excited to be a member of the Lancer Team and am confident that the Lincoln staff will support your child through the chaos of adolescence and social maturity.  Through the IB Middle Years Program, they’ll be challenged personally, socially, physically and intellectually throughout their short years in Lincoln’s multi-culturally and socio-economically diverse classrooms.  They’ll experience the gradual release of responsibility from parents to students with both academic and social/emotional supports.  It is here they’ll find a sense of belonging and caring adults—these things will foster a positive attitude to learning. Demographically, Fort Collins appears to be very homogenous in its makeup. The real world is much more beautiful, diverse, both needy and giving, colorful, experienced in hidden ways, full of conflict and love in the same conversation—real.  That’s what I’ve found and treasure at Lincoln—a realness that crosses boundaries of race, language, economic status, orientation, religion, and gender. 

Favorite Quote: 

"Most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be,"  —Abraham Lincoln

My Classroom
Courses Taught: 

Topics as a Counselor:

  • Career Exploration & Inventories
  • ICAP Individual Career and Academic Plans
  • Strengths Inventories
  • Leadership Skills
  • Organization Skills
  • Study Skills
  • Time Management
  • Tutoring in all Middle School subjects, math and Spanish especially
  • WEB- Where Everybody Belongs
  • 504 Plans- and all the accommodations those involving helping with skill deficits

Topics as a Teacher:

  • 2nd-5th Grade Bilingual Elementary Classes
  • Intro to Spanish
  • Spanish I
  • Spanish II
About My Classroom: 

It’s bright, about 8’ X 10’ and has a sky-light.  I have pretty lights, some close-to-dead plants and a bowl of bubble gum (or other candy of the moment) sitting right at my round table ready to greet you when you say the magic word.  No, seriously…. Being a mom has helped the most as a counselor.  My professional passions include ensuring my students get the same kind of help, encouragement as well as high-expectations and logical consequences I’d expect for my own teens.  When my clients-be they students, staff or parents-- have conflicts that seem too scary to face, I bridge the gap from evading to taking responsibility so situations can become learning opportunities rather than resentment factories.  We all hope that our kids can stand tall with confidence and still communicate effectively without raised voices, passive aggression, arrogance or aloofness, right? Being a counselor, I believe it is the connections I foster with students and their families that help kids the most.  Positive relationships are a means to student success!  When I’m not conferencing with teachers, chatting with students or listening to parents, I’m having fun goofing off at our assemblies and passing out Lancer bucks.  I am skilled at motivating and asking questions of our students encouraging them to become independent, thinking, problem-solving teenagers.  Girl drama is something I don’t get to practice at home so when (I mean “if”) your daughters come my way, I’m patient and happy to help them zero in on the root of the issue so they can concentrate on solving the core conflict.  If the door is closed it’s because my own attention deficits are screaming for a bit of focus-work on the Master Schedule, our ParentVue system or other duty that I enjoy that helps the school run smoothly. I welcome your involvement and I invite you to call to verify that I’m available.  Many times, I’m happy to drop what I’m working on to meet you.  I’m grateful you’re reading this.  Thank you for doing the work of a concerned guardian.  It’s important that you find your son or daughter’s “home away from home” a safe, loving and empowering one.