Lincoln Middle,

an IB World School

Dress Code

ACCEPTABLE DRESS: Items of dress that are disruptive to the educational process will not be allowed.
Students are expected to dress in a way that respects the educational process. The following details
Lincoln’s dress code policy:
 Clothes that promote a positive, safe, and productive learning environment
 Clothes that cover the complete torso (shoulders to waist)
 Tops that fall comfortably to the belt line or buckle of pants
 Clothes that allow students to move comfortably and stretch in all directions without exposing
undergarments or skin
 Clothes that allow students to focus on learning and promote a positive self-image.
 Backs or midriffs showing (including open mesh or see-through clothing)
 Cleavage
 Under-garments or butts showing (male or female)
 Pajamas, slippers, or bedroom attire
 Advertising of/or promoting tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sex, cleavage, or violence
 Clothes that threaten or demean others
 Gang or gang-like dress will not be permitted on school grounds or school activities/events.
 Hats, head gear, or sunglasses
 Sagging pants (pants must be worn at hips or waist).
 Coats in the classroom
 Backpacks of any kind in the halls or classrooms during the school day
 Tears in clothing that expose too much skin
1st & 2nd Offense

1. Student warning and T-shirt, pants, or belt given to wear for the day
2. Parent notification. If necessary a change of clothing will be brought before student re-enters class.
Inappropriate attire will be held in the office and returned to the student at the end of the day.

3rd & Subsequent

1. Student remains in ISS until parents arrive at school with change of clothes
 2. Parent/student conference with administrator.