Lincoln Middle,

an IB World School

King Soopers Cards

                                                                      Support Lincoln with the purchase of a King Soopers reloadable card

This is a great fundraiser for Lincoln that doesn’t cost you anything – seriously!  Purchase a reloadable gift card for $10 and then use it at King Soopers for $10 worth of items:  groceries, Starbucks, gas, pharmacy, etc.*  The next time you shop, load it up before your purchase for any amount up to $500 and then use it to purchase your item.  Lincoln gets 5% back on your purchase and all you have to do is remember to reload your card.  You can load the card in the checkout line before you begin check out or at the gas attendant station or at the store service desk.   Reloading your card can be paid for by cash, check or credit card. 

Again – using the card and reloading the card is at no additional cost to you but it lets Lincoln raise money.  In the past we’ve used the funds for things like:

  • Yearbook scholarships

  • Book club support

  • Cameras for the yearbook class

  • Cummerbunds and bow ties for the choir

  • Celebration of learning snacks

  • Incoming 5th grade ice cream social welcome

Help us and get your card today!