Lincoln Middle,

an IB World School

May 2016

IB Trait for May - Reflective

  • Give thoughtful consideration to their own learning and experience.
  • Able to assess and understand their strengths and limitations in order to support their learning and personal development.
Brigid Murray
As we all get excited about the school year coming to a close, some of us are thinking already of the parties we’ll have, and the freedom of no homework. But some of us are looking back on our year, wondering what we can improve on next year. Brigid Murray is one of these people. She is always making sure that she is doing her best on anything and everything. From tests to relationships, Brigid is constantly ensuring that whatever she can do to improve, she is doing it. Her main focus in life is to be the best person she can be, and she is certainly succeeding. When she takes tests in Math class, if she is not satisfied with her grade, she won’t rest until she is. When she gets in quarrels with friends, she is the first to ask herself what the issue is, and make amends. Brigid is a true role model for anyone and everyone, adults and students alike.
Priest Muniz
The end of the year has been racing toward us day by day- now we only have four weeks of school left. I have been assigned to write a nomination on who I think has been reflective this year. For me there is only one choice, Priest Muniz. I have Priest in Spanish and English. In both classes Priest shows he’s reflective. If he has a wrong answer he will go back and look at it to see what he did wrong. In the beginning of the year Priest wouldn't look back and check his work, but now he is checking back on his work daily. Without question, Priest Muniz deserves to be the reflective student of the month.
Ava Phillips
Although being reflective may be challenging, Ava Phillips is excellent at reflecting on her actions. First, she always thinks before she speaks and takes the blame from her action. Ava learns from her mistakes. Next, she’s mindful of their words and actions and says kind things instead of speaking her mind. If she has nothing nice to say she doesn't say it at all. Last, Ava uses her strengths to help her and seeks room for improvement. In closing, Ava Phillips should be the IB profile winner of the month.
Diego Aceves
Whenever I think of someone who asks thoughtful questions, I think of Diego Aceves because he is always so kind and never wants to hurt anybody. For instance, whenever I talk with Diego and he might say something that sounds rude but really isn't he always says that he didn't mean it that way and he apologizes. Diego always watches his words and never tries to hurt anybody. Therefore Diego Aceves should be the IB profile winner of the month.
Ariana Marangos
Ariana is a student who is always trying to improve.  When she makes a mistake in class, she looks back at what she did wrong and tries to make it better.  Ariana is someone who is most concerned with growth and getting better.  When she is learning something new, she doesn’t let mistakes get in her way.  Instead of getting upset, she sees her mistakes as an opportunity to learn.  Ariana is clearly a reflective student.
Owen Carpenter-Zehe
Lincoln is full of IB students, but the one that shows the trait of reflective best is Owen. Owen is always willing to try something new, even if it is not easy.  When he doesn’t get it right, he never gets upset, he just tries again.  Owen is always thinking about what he has learned in class and making connections.  He doesn’t just learn the information, he figures out how the information connects to his life and world around him.   He is a very reflective learner.