Lincoln Middle,

an IB World School

September IB Learner Profile Winners

IB Trait for September


Exercise initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to recognize and approach complex problems, and make reasoned, ethical decisions.

Molly Way If I had to choose one person to nominate for the month of thinker, Molly Way stands out the most. Molly problem solves and walks up the escalator in class projects and school work. For example, if Molly has a tough question she doesn't whine and sit there, she walks up the escalator and problem solves to get a good outcome. The teacher never has to give her a head start, and Molly is the first one to crack a book at the beginning of class period. She also asks questions and participates in group activities and brings knowledge to the group. Molly can be quiet, but when a question approaches her she has her gears turning and is problem solving effectively. Molly stands out from all of the sixth graders and is a great nominee for this month's profile trait, thinker. Zach Townsend When I think of a thinker, I think of the thinker Zach Townsend. Zach is a great thinker and very creative. He even creates interesting comics and has great problem solving skills. For example, back in 5th grade, he took advanced math and advanced reading. He also is able to do algebra and he is the first one to finish the question in math class. In addition, he takes action in his work. When class begins, he’s the first one to get started. So when I'm asked to think of a thinker, I think of the thinker Zach Townsend.
Lindsay Montelongo Blanco I nominate Lindsay Montelongo Blanco for the September thinker, because she pays attention in every class and does her work in class and follows the rules. Lindsay is a thinker because she is always thinking about other people and if they’re ok or not. Indigo Werner Salsbury I think that Indigo Werner-Salsbury should be nominated for thinker because he demonstrates large amounts of thinking toward his work in all of the classes I have with Indigo. I have Mr. Moudy’s class with him and in that class, he is constantly thinking up large amounts of ideas and is always doing research. After he does the research, he applies it to his ideas and those ideas become a reality. This is why I think Indigo Werner Salisbury should be nominated for thinker.
Juliana Ott Jeto, in 8th grade, is an awesome student.  She is friends with many different people in the school, and is very good and helpful person who is always thinking about ways to make school and class better.  She is always thinking and asks very good questions in class.  Once she figures something out, she always wants to help others figure it out too.  Last Jeto always thinks of ways to get her work done.  She is always prepared for her learning and excited about what we are doing in class.  This is why Jeto should be the IB thinker and why she is an awesome friend. Jasson Antillon I nominate Jasson Antillon because he considered ideas from everyone's perspective.  He also thinks outside of the box while in class.  he is also very good at approaching challenges with an open mind.  He works hard to find a solution to difficult problems, even if they are not his.  Jasson is always good at working in teams.  He makes sure that everyone understand and is doing their work.  These are the reasons why I think he should be the next IB thinker.