Lincoln Middle,

an IB World School

December 2015

IB Trait for December - Open-Minded

*Understand and appreciate their own cultures and personal histories, and are open to the perspectives, values and traditions of others.
*Seek out and evaluate a range of points of view, and grow from this experience.

Roxi Wessel - Grade 6

Roxi is open-minded for many reasons. She is respectful of others’ ideas, open to others’ ideas, and considers more than one point of view. Roxi loves to share her ideas, but lets other people share theirs. If she has to say your idea is wrong, she does it nicely. She is always open to new ideas and ways of thinking, and when she has an idea, she shares it with her group. Roxi is open to more than one point of view. She can accept others’ ideas and build on them. Roxi never judges anyone without first getting to know them. She doesn’t think about the way someone looks, or how smart or wealthy they are; the only thing she is concerned about in a friend is their personality.  This is why she has so many friends, because none of them feel judged or criticized when hey are round her. Because she is not afraid to be herself, or let others be themselves, Roxi is a great choice for open-minded.

Indigo Werner-Salsbury - Grade 6

Lots of Lincoln Lancers would qualify as open-minded, but the one I think stands out most is Indigo Werner-Salsbury. He takes pride in who who is and likes to be himself. He also has the good habit of considering everyone’s point of view. In math groups, if someone offers a new way of looking at a problem, instead of rudely dismissing it, her considers it and even tries it out for himself. He is always respectful of others’ opinions. He makes sure no one’s feelings are hurt, even though he may not agree with others. He is kind to everyone, not just his friends or those who think like he does. Indigo is a great open-minded Lancer!

AiLi George - Grade 7

Open minded means having or showing a mind receptive to new ideas or arguments. One seventh grader that deserves this award is Ai-Li George. Ai-Li is always open minded towards others ideas and different cultures in all of her classes. Also she is open towards new students and new subjects.

Juan (David) Monroy - Grade 7

When I think of open-minded students in our 7th grade class I think of Juan David. I think of him because he is always so understanding. Juan is also very appreciative of everything. He is not only appreciative of physical things, but also of others and their perspectives and in fact seeks them. He know that we grow from others. Juan is always open-minded and should be this month’s IB profile student.

Nell Hubbard - Grade 8

For the IB trait of open-minded, I nominate Nell Hubbard.  First of all, Nell honors her own culture but is open to trying and exploring different cultures. Secondly, Nell branches off and wants to know what other people are thinking.  She is always putting ideas together to come up with new and unique ways of thinking.  Finally, Nell is friends with a variety different people.  In order to be friends with people from so many diverse backgrounds, Nell must be open minded.  Therefore, I nominate Nell Hubbard for open-minded this month

Ahmed Erseli - Grade 8

One person who I think is open minded is Ahmed Ersell.  An open-mined person is someone who is very proud of who he is, but also willing to learn about new people and cultures.  Ahmed definitely meets these criteria.  he is always happy to listen to other people’s ideas and thinking and is also open to helping those who need it.  Ahmed is always willing to try new things with an open mind.  He is open minded person because he likes to learn about new things every day.