Lincoln Middle,

an IB World School


IB Trait for December


*Understand and appreciate their own cultures and personal histories, and are open to the perspectives, values and tradition of others.
*Seek out and evaluate a range of points of view, and grow from this experience.

Cecilia Sergi
When I think of open minded I think of Cecilia Sergi. Cecilia Sergi takes pride in who she is, and she is always open to other people's ideas and opinions. Ever since I have known Cecilia; she has never let anyone hurt her feelings because of who she is. She is very confident whenever she does basically anything. Cecilia would never let anyone change her opinion about her love for dance, or any of her other hobbies. Cecilia is so confident when she dances, it truly inspires me to work harder in everything I do including dance. I have known Cecelia for a very long time, (and I am not nominating her because she is my friend) and ever since we met in about kindergarten I have never seen or heard Cecilia judge anyone because of their culture, beliefs, or looks. Cecilia and I are doing are passion inquiry project together, and she is always open to my new Ideas. I really think that Cecilia Sergi is the perfect nominee for the inquiry award.

Arlen Croak
An open-minded person considers others’ ideas and values their opinions. Arlen does just that. He appreciates people’s thinking and has ideas of his own. Arlen listens to others ideas and considers what they mean. He will listen to your idea even if he has one too. Once Arlen and I were building a car that had a propeller to move forward, and we had different ideas about which size battery to use. He decided we should do both of our ideas, instead of saying that his was better. As it turns out, both our ideas worked. What matters is that he valued my opinion too. Arlen also will be friendly to anyone and doesn’t care as much as some people about what they like or what kind of person they are, he just is friendly. He knows many of the people at our school, and he’s nice to all of them, even the ones he doesn’t necessarily like as much. These are all examples of how Arlen is a very open-minded person.

Leah Borrego
I think that Leah Borrego is open-minded for many reasons. The first is that she is friends with a diverse group of people. Not only that but she also talks openly to people that she doesn't know very well. Secondly, on the Costa Rica trip she never put down one of the locals' traditions or culture. Whenever she came across something new or unfamiliar she would accept that it was a foreign custom and move on without worrying about it. These are the reasons why I think that Leah should be the Open-Minded student of the month.

Caleb Crowe
I am nominating Caleb for the IB trait of open-minded. Firstly, whenever I see Caleb in the hallways he always says hi to lots of people, proving that he has lots of friends that aren't like him. Second, if he is disagreeing with someone he tries to see their side to see if he could be wrong. In conclusion, I think that Caleb should win open-minded because he has many different friends and views others perspectives.

Morisot  Weiss Darne
This month for the IB character trait, which is open-mindedness, I would like to nominate Morisot Weiss-Darne. She is an amazing student who has no problem working in new groups, accepting people and volunteering to help in class and outside of school. In classes here at Lincoln, Mori happily will launch into her work no matter who she has been paired with. She has no prejudice against people no matter race, gender, sexuality or religion. Mori likes to socialize and will do so no matter what. I speak from experience when I say that I look up to Mori because she immediately accepts. Her ability is special, and she should be recognized for it, which is why I nominate her this December.

Anthony Romero
As an IB school, Lincoln is full of open-minded students.  For this award, however I would like to nominate a student who goes above and beyond to be open-minded.  Anthony Romero is always open to new ideas.  In class, he is willing to work with new groups, any student who may need a partner, or with someone who is having a hard time.  When we are in history class and learning about different time periods and point of view, Anthony always works hard to understand how other people may have felt.  He is also willing to hear and think about other people’s ideas. For these reasons and many others, Anthony should be the December student of the month