Lincoln Middle,

an IB World School


Lincoln Golf

Coach: Debbie Knoll (970)488-5723

Assistant Coach: Sheila Long (970)488-5780


2018-2019  Girls Schedule

Boys Schedule

Who can play?

6th, 7th & 8th Grade boys and girls are welcome to play.

Are there tryouts? How many golfers play in each match?

The team consists of up to 12 players. If more than 12 students try out, the team qualifiers during Week 1 will be a tryout. 6 players play in each match against the other schools.

Do I have to have played golf before?

Ideally, you have played at least 9 holes before on a real course (not just putt-putt). Beginners are welcome but please remember that due to course and time restrictions; we’re limited on how much coaching will occur.    

How do we get to the matches?

Ms. Knoll will be driving the small, white bus to 3  matches and then back to Lincoln. HOWEVER, on the matches she cannot drive, you are responsible for getting yourself to and from the matches.

Cost & Physicals

The athletic fee for golf is $105.00. All students must have an authorized physical prior to practicing or playing. 

Do I need my own equipment?

Clubs, balls, and tees will be available if you need them.

You will be representing Lincoln when you’re out on the course. Inappropriate behavior on the courses will result in an immediate expulsion from the team and disciplinary actions when you return to school.