Lincoln Middle,

an IB World School

April 2016

IB Trait for April - Balanced

Understand the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for themselves and others.

  Kamara Foster

I think Kamara Foster is a balanced student let me tell you why.

Kamara Foster is balanced because she is intellectual, she is intellectual because she pays a lot of attention she tries her best in everything, and I’m pretty sure she has good grades in all her classes .Kamara Foster tries her best in working hard, she does everything she is asked to do. Kamara Foster is balanced physically. She tries to have fun in P.E even when she is board she tries to make it fun for others when they are bored, she does everything she is supposed to do she tries her best, like if they play a game and she doesn't know how to play it she asks her friends how you're supposed to play it and then she tries to play it ,and she tries to problem solve. Kamara Foster is balanced with her emotions she is a really happy person, she tries her best to act nice to people even when she doesn't like them she tries to make new friends and she acts her best with them and you'll never see her having an attitude on people if she gets mad at you she will try her best to not take her anger out on you. That is why I think Kamara Foster is a balanced person.

  Perry Long

After meeting Perry I thought he was the perfect definition of balanced and for many reasons. First, he is very smart. Although I am only in four classes with him he shows knowledge in  every subject I’m in with him. He raises his hand in class to show people what he thought even if he's wrong. Next, he is very physical and loves all sports. He plays football, basketball and runs track and is very good at all  three of those sports. Lastly, his emotions are very great. Most of the time I'm with him he is always happy and telling jokes. He also has lots of friends and know how to keep friendships. Obviously Perry Long is a great everyday example of a balanced person and should receive the balanced award.

  Judith Garcia

Even though there are many students who can manage their lives, Judith Garcia is the best at maintaining through all the stress of life. For example, she always gets good grades, and she plays sports and keeps all those activities separate, so she can still learn and do what she needs to get done so she can play sports.  In addition, she always helps out with people that need help with things like homework.  In closing, Judith Garcia is excellent candidate for the Balanced IB profile winner of the month.

  Anthony Romero

Although life at times may be difficult, Anthony Romero does an awesome job of living a balanced life. For example, Anthony was on the basketball team, and he had to balance school work and practice basketball.  He had a lot of things to do, but he didn't let that get in his way.  He did a great job in all his subjects. Therefore, Anthony Romero should be the Balanced IB profile winner of the month.

  Shelby Hawkes

Shelby is a perfect example of what it means to be balanced.  As an athlete, Shelby always gives her best, not only for Lincoln but also for her club softball team.  Shelby is also an outstanding student.  In class she can be found helping her classmates, participating, and doing great classwork.  Shelby never lets herself get overwhelmed by the work that needs to be done.  She always finds time for schoolwork, friends, family, and fun.  Shelby is definitely a balanced IB student

  Luke Hutchinson

Being an IB student means finding a balance in life and in school.  One person who has done this very well is Luke H.  Luke is an athlete, a great student, and a kind friend.  He is someone who put his best effort into all that he does.  Even when Luke has a ton of work to do, he is never too busy to help those around him and he has a great sense of humor.  Luke is truly a balanced student.